Kia Unveils Five Music-Inspired Souls at SEMA

Posted on: November 5th, 2013 by Mitzi Stewart Comments


Kia is seriously jumping feet-first into pop culture lately. First came their Lady Gaga theme song commercials (you know, the ones with the adorable hamsters). Then came their YouTube Soul. Now? Now they're unveiling five music-inspired Kia Souls at SEMA in Las Vegas. These are some crazy interesting vehicles!

The cars are include the Music Memorabilia Soul, the DJ Booth Soul, the Amped Soul, a Soul inspired by The Voice on NBC, and a Soul that highlights Kia's partnership with the Vans Warped Tour. Talk about a variety of cars, all tied together by passion for music. 

So, what is each car all about. Well, the Music Memorabilia Soul (seen above) is meant to be a music museum in a car. It's packed with music memorabilia including a "signed guitar from Slash, a G-Unit sneaker signed by 50 Cent, a Jimi Hendrix gold album, and a signed John Legend microphone." As you can see, the items are all displayed in hand-built Plexiglas enclosures in the trunk, rear windows and rear hatch insert, so they can be clearly viewed.

The DJ Booth Soul is just what it sounds like... A DJ booth on wheels! It's a convertible-style, giving a DJ the option to stand up and bump the beats. The rear seats have been replaced by a diamond-plated stage and has a pro-grade Pioneer CDJs and mixer with five amplifiers, three component speakers, and more.

The Amped Soul is simply a Soul that has been fitted with large JBL speakers and subwoofers so you can amp the music up.

The Soul inspired by NBC's The Voice has a huge black The Voice logo on the side of the red airbrushed vehicle. Along the front, the words "I Want You" are laid out. The interior also matches the show's color scheme and features an iPad Mini and 40-inch LED TV that allows passengers to use the preloaded The Voice app and sing through the wireless microphone. 

And lastly, the Vans Warped Tour Soul has a full custom paint job inspired by the colors of the Vans Warped Tour, along with several 8-inch speakers and a 50-inch flat-panel monitor on top of the car that played running footage from the Warped Tour. Oh, and we can't forget the slide-out reat barbeque for all your Warped Tour tailgating needs!

Which music-inspired Kia Soul is your favorite?

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